Our Business Consulting services are designed to provide full control over your business. Our intention is to develop innovative but feasible solutions that perfectly fit in your existing organization. Seeking to guarantee the sustainable success of our work results, we do not leave you alone with the solution, but assist you in applying it until it is established and 100% working.

“Dialogus” JSC serves the air transportation industry with innovative, knowledgeable and impartial advice supported by its professional aviation consultants and analytical support staff.
All sectors of the aviation community may benefit from “Dialogus” consulting services.  We consult government transportation agencies, commercial and general aviation airports, commercial passenger and cargo airlines, regulated agents, aircraft manufacturers, and firms with a financial interest in aviation.

Consulting fields:

  • establishing an airport, planning, implementation of technical measures, a set of standard operating procedures
  • aircraft operator certificate (AOC)
  • evaluation process of the new aviation business or new project, financial justification recommendations and planning
  • acquisition and registration of an aircraft
  • maintenance and airworthiness of an aircraft
  • establishment of aerodromes, certification, and maintenance
  • ground handling services, conditions, maintenance
  • assurance of aviation security and installing aviation security systems
  • air navigation services
  • air passenger rights
  • establishment of training organizations