Those who have a desire and find ways to act innovatively, always win!

Are you organizing internal training for your employees?

Are you concerned with the improvement of the personnel and enhancement of labour productivity?

Are you a training organisation?

Do you carry out examination?

JSC “Dialogus“ has created a unique computer program that is designed to carry out distance training and examination.

Distance learning significantly improves the accessibility of the studies. In this way we save the time of not only the company, but also the time of employees or customers.

When using the computer program “Lanista” there is no longer a need for a manager or supervisor to carry out the training or examination. Such employees or clients of a company are able to join the prepared training and examination at any time in any place. A person only needs a computer with internet connection.

When carrying out examination there is no longer a need to waste time when checking the tests, since the program provides the results and long-term statistics in an automatic way.

The versatility of this program allows executing the training of several different kinds at the same time, and does not limit the amount of the students. Also, the administrative possibilities of this program, and ability to provide the material in different formats allows to adjust the usage of the program for different training.