About Us

About us

“Dialogus” was established in 2009 and is a consultancy firm for companies and private individuals in civil aviation industry of Lithuania. We give advice on safety and security standards, provide assistance in preparing relevant documentation, mediate in disputes, and lobby for changes in the national legislation and regulations. We are dedicated to building and maintaining an effective working relationship with each client and providing valuable and high standard  service with every project that we carry out.


We are determined to help you achieve all your major goals. Together we can turn your vision into a reality.


Clear benefits and services of “Dialogus” provide companies with tools that they need in order to learn about operational, technical, and legislative issues;  to be aware of regulatory requirements and changes, improve their management skills, connect with peers, to become involved with local, national and international business aviation communities, make  them be heard by CAA, Ministry of Transport and Communications and all kinds of governmental institutions, improve their opportunities and help them to succeed in their businesses.

Core Values

Client Service

We are committed to conducting business with utmost professionalism, delivering premium service to our clients and candidates as well as recognizing that we are in a relationship business and not a sales business. Our assignments are complete only after we receive positive feedback from our clients.


Our business is built on the promise that “What we say is what you get.” No surprises. We are honest, straightforward and crystal clear about the services we deliver. Our clients and candidates know what to expect from us.


Our role is to advise, rather than to convince our clients. Similarly, when we incur expenses on our clients’ behalf, we always look out for their best interest.